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Does Love at first Sight exist?

Is love at first sight "real?"

The phenomenon described as love at first sight can feel very real. Individuals can feel a deep connection or attraction to someone based on physical appearance.

What is happening in the brain/body during love at first

sight? The brain is being flooded by chemicals and hormones that cause excitement, sexual arousal and love. When the brain is flooded with these chemicals, it can definitely make someone feel as though they are in love.

What are some potential signs of love at first sight? The signs of love at first sight can vary. They can include feelings of being sexually aroused, a desire to spend time with and be near the other person, obsessive thoughts about the other person and also physical sensations such as increased heart rate, agitation and/or anxiety.

Is it real love, or attraction/lust?

Is it real depends on one's definition of love. Love is a subjective state of being, but if an individual's definition of love entails a deep physical or spiritual connection, this would definitely equate to real love for that person.

And can love at first sight

ultimately last? Love at first sight can last, especially if it evolves into a love and a relationship that is based on more sustainable factors like trust, honesty and shared values.

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